Friday, July 17, 2009

Royal Oman Police

I've done some work with the Royal Oman Police (ROP) over the past few years. A great bunch of people. I was really impressed by how genuinely they cared about the big flooding in Muscat a few years ago (compared to the indifference I saw in the US to the flooding of New Orleans).

The ROP also had a certain wry Gulf Arab humour, with a lot of meaning being expressed in short remarks and smiles. "Suburban" on the Other Oman blog records some recent interactions with the ROP. For example:

ROP Guy: Nice car! V8?
Me: Yeah, I love it
ROP Guy: Where are you from?
Me: Mostly America
Rop Guy: I like Bacon!
Me: Good to know...?

For the record, as an Irish person in the US, I can say that the US is not the Land of Bacon. Ireland and the UK (and Canada) consume a lot more bacon. In the US I've had to put up with beef sausages and "turkey bacon". It brings to mind the bit in the hilarious "East is East" movie where the Pakistani/British kids crave bacon, so they cook up bacon and sausages while their father is out, and then spray the air with deodorant to mask the smell. Hmm.... Bacon....

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